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9 Reasons Why You Should Publish Video On Social Media

9 Reasons To Publish Video On Social Media

9 Reasons Why You Should Publish Video On Social Media

Below you’ll find 9 reasons why you should publish video on social media.

My blog posts are aimed at people who use social media for business. Their purpose is to increase your knowledge and improve your use of social media.


Video is big right now and it’s only going to get bigger so get out there and start pressing that red button on the camera!

1) Video is hugely popular – 1500 million viewers watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook every day.

2) Video is working for marketers – Of the 41% of marketers who have used Instagram video, 78 percent found it to be an effective strategy. Of the 39% of marketers surveyed who have published video content on Twitter, 70 percent have found Twitter to be an effective strategy. Research from Aberdeen Group shows brands that use video for marketing increase their ROI 49% faster than those who don’t.

3) Social network algorithms like video – Put simply, videos receive priority over other type of the content in the News Feed on all social networks.

4) People engage more with video – On Twitter, a video tweet is 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo tweet.

5) There loads of networks and channels specifically designed for video – Snapchat, TikTok, IGTV (Instagram TV), Facebook Watch, Facebook and Instagram Stories and just this week Fleets from Twitter.

6) Great for calls to action – You can use Twitter Media Studio to add title, description and embedded link/button and Facebook Creator Studio to add a button such as Book Now to Facebook Page Stories.

7) Videos can be showcased on your Facebook Page – you can add Playlists and Section or choose a Video Page template.

8) There are great editing tools that allow you to add effects and subtitles – For example, check out Veed.

9) You can earn money producing videos – you can get paid as an influencer and earn money for producing Facebook Watch videos. Creators can earn money by selling badges to fans during Instagram Lives.


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