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Pearson Vue Test Centre

South Wales' leading Pearson Vue examination centre.

Sit Your Exams With Us

NILC operates an authorised computer-based Pearson Vue test centre with examinations on a daily basis. We are one of the leading Pearson Vue test centres in the UK and South Wales, providing professional standard exam setting from your Pearson Vue test. All of NILC’s examinations are run from NILC’s learning and examination centre based in Newport, South Wales.

How do I book my exam?

To schedule an exam please visit the Pearson Vue website

What should I bring to my exam?

Many of our exams have requirements set by the exam sponsor, so please carefully check their instructions before attending our exam centre. These will often include:

  • Bringing two or more forms of ID. At least one must be a photo ID (passport, driving licence or student card) which you will be asked to produce to the invigilator prior to the start of your exam.
  •  Proof of booking for your examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the landing page for my testing program?
  1. Go to the Test Taker home page or click “For Test Takers” at the top of the Pearson Vue website.
  2. Under “Start here: select your program” type your program name or its acronym.
  3. When you get a match, click on the program name. You will go to the landing page for your program.
How do I contact Pearson VUE Customer Service?

To ensure you chat with, phone or email, the correct customer service representative, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your testing program landing page (see FAQ #1)
  2. Click “Customer Service.” You will see the correct contact information for your testing program.
How do I get my score report? What if I lost it or need a duplicate?
  • Many testing programs provide a preliminary score report at the test center immediately after your exam.
  • Some programs choose to send your results to you directly. This can sometimes take a number of weeks to process.
  • Some testing programs allow you to view and print additional score reports from your Pearson VUE account. Typically they are available within an hour of exam completion, but may take up to 24 hours.
  • If online score reports are not available for your testing program, contact Customer Service (see FAQ #2) to request a duplicate score report. Duplicate score reports are sent via email only, and take 3-5 business days.
  • If Pearson Vue are unable to process your request for a duplicate score report, you will be directed to contact your testing program or board for next steps.
  • If you are testing under a state regulated program, there could be additional steps when requesting a duplicate score report. To learn more, check the candidate handbook located on your testing program landing page (see FAQ #1)

Have a question about your exam? Get in contact with us. We're here to help.

Highly Trusted

Fully accredited to ensure we provide the highest possible standards in testing.

Really good test centre, very clean and plenty of room. Also a plus that they’re open on a Saturday.


Simon Boam

SSB Networks Ltd

Excellent centre, plenty of availability, friendly and comforting staff. Very professional.


Marcus Longden


Very impressed with the facility. I have been here previously and will definitely return in future.


Laura James


Newport Office: NILC, 50 Commercial Road, Newport, Gwent, NP20 2PE

Cardiff Office: NILC, 13a Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9HA

Bridgend Office: NILC, Floor 1, 5 Five Bells Road, Bridgend, CF31 3HW

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