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How NILC is preparing for the safe reopening of examinations

How NILC are preparing for the safe return of exams

How NILC is preparing for the safe reopening of examinations

We’re reopening our Newport examination centre on Monday 3rd August 2020.  Initially, we will be operating a phased approach and will only be running examinations on:

  • Mondays 
  • Fridays 
  • Saturdays

We will however be looking to increase our opening days and times back to our previous examination schedule over the coming weeks/months. 

In terms of classroom training courses, these will also be brought back in the coming weeks on a phased approached and only a limited number will be running initially with additional safety protocols in place (more on this coming soon). We will however be continuing to offer all our courses as Virtual Live training sessions for the foreseeable future. For more information on this please contact [email protected] or call 01633 256482.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



We have taken every precaution to make our centres safe environments so that both our staff and candidates are protected from Covid-19.


What we have done so far

  • Perspex screens have been fitted around our desks
  • Covid-19 safety and awareness signs have been placed around the centre to inform visitors of social distancing procedures
  • Convex mirrors have been placed at the top and bottom of the stairs leading up to the examination rooms
  • Tape has been placed on the flooring to indicate safe distancing and the route to be followed
  • Additional partitions have been placed between each exam workstation
  • Waiting room capacity has decreased ensuring each seat is 2 metres apart
  • Installed sanitiser stations in reception, administration room and exam rooms
  • Introduced a daily increased deep-cleaning schedule of reception, toilets and other visitor areas


Images of Newport examination centre with new social distancing safety procedures in place.

What we will be doing before our re-opening

Before our opening day we will be carrying out a thorough sanitising clean of each workstation, keyboard, monitor, mouse, headset, locker key (and anything else that is to be used by exam candidates).  We will do so using the recommended sanitisation products. 


Guidance for exam candidates

To comply with the health and safety guidelines we have implemented the following procedures:

  • Hand sanitiser will be made available in the reception, waiting area and the testing room.
  • Each workstation will be cleaned and disinfected before and after testing appointments.
  • Tissues will be provided to candidates upon arrival at the test centre (these can be used to operate the mouse).
  • Candidates must wear a mask or face covering during the exam
  • Permit candidates to wear disposable gloves during the exam
  • Social distancing recommendations of 2 metres will be in place.

If you exhibit symptoms upon arrival at the test center, you may be asked to reschedule your exam for another time when in full health.

We strongly recommend that you wear a face mask or face covering in the test center and while taking your test to protect yourself and others. We are unable to provide face masks to candidates.


Procedure for exams once we re-open

  • Every workstation (including mouse, monitor, keyboard) will be sanitised as candidates complete their exams.
  • Locker keys, pens, pencils will be sanitised after use
  • Gloves and masks will be disposed of
  • Headsets will be available on request and will be sanitised after use
  • Windows will be left open to allow fresh air flow


Finishing your exam

Once you have finished your exam, we ask that you remain seated at your workstation until the TA collects you to ensure that our waiting rooms do not exceed their reduced maximum capacity.  At busy times, priority will be given to sanitising used equipment for the next candidate which may result in a short wait.  Please be patient with us if this happens.


We think we have covered all bases and so all that is left to say is we look forward to opening our doors again!


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