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How To Create A CV/Resume From Your LinkedIn Profile in Seconds

Do you find the thought of submitting a CV a bit daunting? Well, rejoice, because on LinkedIn, you can effortlessly create your own CV/resume with just a click of a button. In this “How To” guide we’ll take you through the simple steps to make this process quick and hassle-free.


The CV Conundrum

Looking for a new job or aiming for that promotion often involves a lot of administrative work, taking up precious time. Thankfully, LinkedIn offers a time-saving feature that allows you to generate your CV directly from your LinkedIn profile.

How to Create Your CV on LinkedIn:

  1. Access Your Profile: Navigate to your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Click on “More”: In the top section of your profile, click on “More.”
  3. Select “Build a Resume”: Choose the option that says “Build a Resume” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Job Title Entry: Input the desired job title you’re aiming for. For example, we’ll pretend we’re applying for a role as a “Social Media Designer.”
  5. Click “Apply”: Once you’ve entered the job title, click on “Apply.”
  6. Download Your CV/Resume: LinkedIn instantly creates a CV with your experience, education, skills, and more. You can download it as a PDF by clicking the download button.
  7. View and Edit: Save the downloaded PDF to your desktop and open it to view your newly generated CV/resume. If needed, you can further edit it using PDF editing software.

Benefits of the LinkedIn CV Feature:

  1. Time-Saving: Skip the manual entry and effortlessly generate a comprehensive CV/resume from your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Convenience: Have your CV readily available for job applications or promotions.
  3. Downloadable PDF: Easily download and share your CV as a PDF document.


Additional Tip: Crafting a Post

While prompted to make a post about your invitation, you might prefer to create the post in your own time. This allows for a more thoughtful and tailored message to accompany your invitation.


Conclusion: A LinkedIn Time Saver

LinkedIn’s “Build a Resume” feature is a hidden gem, streamlining the CV creation process for busy professionals. Whether you’re actively job hunting or preparing for career advancement, this tool can be a valuable asset.

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