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ITIL Transition from Version 3 to Version 4

ITIL Transition from Version 3 to Version 4

ITIL Transition from Version 3 to Version 4

For those looking to transition from ITIL® version 3 to version 4, the best path to take will depend on the amount of credits you hold.  Version 4 has been aligned or streamlined with version 3 so that candidates can migrate easily.  As many are still travelling on the version 3 path, these qualifications will not be discontinued until sometime in 2020.  Any credits gained before this date will not expire, allowing time for those who still need to collect more credits to be able to do just that.  So, let’s now look at the options for transition to ITIL® 4.

ITIL 4 Certification Scheme

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It’s all about the credits…

If you only have the ITIL® version 3 Foundation certificate but wish to transition to the new version 4 then the recommendation made by Axelos is that you take V4 Foundation exam.  A lot of new material has been added to this updated version, so it is well worth pursuing this option.  However, if you have 17 credits from the old v3 scheme then you would be eligible to take the ITIL® 4 Managing Professional (ITIL® MP) transition module (when it is released) in order to migrate.

A second possibility is that if you have 3 or 4 credits above v3 Foundation then you have 2 options to migrate depending upon which specialist area you are interested in.  Firstly, you could take ITIL® 4 Foundation and then sit a further module from ITIL® Specialist, Strategist or Leader.  Alternatively, you could continue collecting credits from ITIL® v3 until you have 17 and as previously stated, this would make you eligible to sit the ITIL® Managing Professional (ITIL® MP) transition module.  It would also mean that you wouldn’t have to sit the v3 Managing Across the Lifecycle course or exam.  It is recommended that you take this alternative route if you can as it prepares you for an easier transition to ITIL® 4 and to the ITIL® MP designation. 


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