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NILC Launches Online Training Courses

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Produced by Kandy Shaw  |  21 June 2017

Now Available… Online Training with NILC

In today’s fast-paced online world, perhaps the most valuable asset to anyone is time.  The seconds, minutes and hours tick away as you travel back and fore to work or do the shopping, or work out the bills.  With all these demands on your time, how on earth are you going to find even more time to travel to train for new or enhanced qualifications that either your employer requires you to achieve, or that your own personal career advancement demands of you?  The answer is, … you won’t have to travel because NILC are in the process of creating online video training courses.

Why are we producing online videos?

Appreciating the importance of time, NILC are producing online training videos by which means, delegates will be able to learn from anywhere, at any time and from any device.  The videos show the page being worked on and the trainer is ‘with you’ in a little box at the bottom of the screen, holding your hand almost, as you progress through each step.  These videos can be used both alongside the classroom courses we currently offer, as a recap for course content, or indeed, as an alternative to some of the classroom based courses.  They allow you to work at your own pace and for somebody like me who had no experience of project administration in any shape or form, I wish these video training courses had been available when I, myself, did the classroom based Project training, but more on this later…

Benefits of online training 

In a nutshell, the benefits of online video training are as follows:

  • Convenience – Able to access at home, in the office or anywhere where there is internet connectivity
  • Cost Effective – Save money on classroom training expenses, such as travel and accommodation
  • Time Efficient – Reduces time spent out of the office and traveling to course venues
  • Quality – Video training steps are clearly communicated both visually and orally by the same experienced trainers that deliver the classroom based training course

First release

Our first video training package to be released in the very near future will be Microsoft Project.  Entitled A Step-by-Step Approach To Using Microsoft Project, the 10 steps included in this package are listed below:

  • Step 1 – Planning and the Project Initiation Document (PID)
  • Step 2 – Customising Microsoft Project
  • Step 3 – Setting a Start or Finish Date
  • Step 4 – Data Entry
  • Step 5 – Global Linking
  • Step 6 – Modifying Task Links
  • Step 7 – Entering Resources
  • Step 8 – Assigning Resources To Tasks
  • Step 9 – Displaying Project Cost
  • Step 10 – Setting a Project Baseline

Microsoft Project Online Training Courses


Having recently completed the Microsoft Project classroom based course (February of this year), I myself can fully advocate and endorse these training videos.  By nature, I am not only creative, but also a reflector, which means that when I learn a new skill that is outside my comfort zone, such as Project was, I usually do it by firstly being shown what to do, then taking away step-by-step instructions and trying it myself.  I then go away and think about it and go back and try it again.  Finally, having made millions of mistakes that I’ve managed to get myself out of, I get it, but it might take me several attempts (and then some!!!).  With the classroom course, however, I only had three days to complete and only had my training notes to work with.  My notes were very detailed, but having witnessed first-hand the creation of these Microsoft Project training videos, I’d have swapped my handwritten notes for these videos willingly.

Each video is one single step or instruction, which means you can practice each step without having to scroll back and fore through pages of content before you find the one you are looking for.  For a reflector like myself, being able to work at my own pace (brilliant advantage in itself!) in the comfort of my own home with somebody showing me and talking me through each step, makes learning (what I considered at the time to be an alien language!) so much more enjoyable and relaxed.  I say relaxed because I did not pick the classroom training up easily, so the three-day training course was very intense.  I also found it very daunting to be in a room on a course with other people who were taking to it like geese take to flight, whilst I was still trying to crack my way out of my egg shell!  When I first saw these videos being made, therefore, I could see straight away what the advantages of them would be to any delegate.  All in all, I thoroughly recommend that you watch out for these training videos because they are well worth a gander (pardon the pun!!!).

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