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What are the benefits of gaining an ECDL Qualification?

What are the benefits of ECDL qualifcations

What are the benefits of gaining an ECDL Qualification?

I stated in my post; ‘What is ECDL?’ that there are many benefits to gaining an ECDL qualification.  So, let’s have a look at what those benefits are …

Benefits for the Complete Beginner

Increasingly, computers are becoming a part of everyday life.  Even if you are a stay-at-home mum or dad, you will probably want or need to use a computer and the internet at some stage.  You may want to shop or do some research on a topic of interest.  Maybe you want to book a holiday or compare your house insurance costs.  Perhaps you’re tired of running to the bank when you need to make a transaction and would like to use online banking instead.  Whatever you may want to use it for, ECDL will teach you how to use a computer safely and allow you to gain some simple but useful skills.  So, even as a complete IT beginner, with no thoughts of enhancing your CV, ECDL would be of benefit to you. 

Benefits for Your Career

If you are considering an ECDL qualification in terms of enhancing your career prospects, then perhaps the fact that ECDL as the fastest growing, globally recognised IT user qualification might be of key importance for you.    As such, not only will this qualification be a great boost to your confidence, but also to your employability (both in the UK and abroad).  Obviously though, the higher of the 3 ECDL Levels you take, the more beneficial the qualification becomes when added to your CV.

Globally Recognised

In the UK alone, major organisations such as the NHS, Sainsburys and HSBC specifically demand an ECDL qualification.  As a globally recognised qualification the use of ECDL is advocated by multinational companies such as L’Oreal, Volkswagen and other commercial organisations.  Government bodies and educational establishments around the world use it, as do international organisations such as the UN (United Nations) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).  So, as I said earlier, the ECDL certificate is of great benefit in terms of career.

Employers Look for ECDL Qualified Candidates

Many employers look for applicants who possess an ECDL certificate as they know that these candidates have a good all-round knowledge of basic software applications because they have been through practical training.  According to Lucy Ireland, Managing Director for BCS Learning & Development; “Employers need people who can contribute to achieving goals in the most efficient and productive way. ECDL gives you the computer skills to do this. That’s why it is recognized and valued by companies around the world as the benchmark in IT user competence…


Choose Your Own Modules

A further benefit of the ECDL course is that you can choose which modules might suit you best in terms of your personal requirements or career choices.  You are then able to create your ECDL Profile which can be added to as your skills and knowledge increase.

Flexible Qualification

ECDL is a flexible qualification meaning that because it is offered by BCS (British Computer Society, the Chartered Institute of IT) it is recognised by qualification regulators such as OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).  If you should choose to complete the ECDL Level 2 course therefore, your qualification would be equivalent to a GCSE (A* – C).  If you decided to carry on and take ECDL Level 3 then your qualification would be equivalent to an A Level.  Wouldn’t it be good to have an extra GCSE or A Level on your CV?

Lifelong Qualification

Yet another benefit of gaining the ECDL certificate is that it is lifelong.  It never expires and as your skills and experience grow it can be added to.  This allows you to build on your qualification as technology evolves and new modules are created.  Enhancing your skills in this way demonstrates to employers that you are constantly learning and improving.

Three Ways to Gain the ECDL Certificate

Because the programme design of ECDL allows for a flexible delivery of the course, delegates are able to pursue it in three ways:

  • Online at your own pace and in your own time
  • Through a virtual classroom where the trainer will be visible on your screen during your pre-scheduled training sessions
  • In a traditional classroom environment.


So, whether you are new to using a computer, or whether you want to prove your abilities and quantify your skills, the ECDL course is for you because the benefits of gaining this qualification, as I have shown, are many, making it a course that is well worth pursuing.


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